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I would like to introduce myself. My first name is Debbie and my last name is Darmawan but  please call me Ebi for short. I am a student of Senior high school in Central Jakarta. I am in class twelve now. I am 17 years old and I live with my parents. I live at jl. Surabaya no 100 Menteng. I like reading and listening to music but I don’t like cooking.
1.       What is Debbie ?

2.       What is her nick name ?

3.       What is her first name ?

4.       How old is she ?

5.       What does she like to do ?
On Saturday morning, Annaba went to Serang with his family.
 He arrived in Serang at 11 o’clock, then they directly went to Maulana Yusuf hotel for checking in and enjoying their lunch. They were chatting in the room.
At 2 o’clock, they went to Anyer beach. They enjoyed the view there. They bought some souvenirs and tried to eat the traditional food there.
On Sunday, they went back to Bekasi. The trip was tiring, but Annaba was satisfied.

1.       The text is a kind of…….

2.       Which paragraph shows reorientation ?

3.       The antonym of bought is…….

4.       The purpose of the text is to…….

5.       The synonym of enjoyed is…….

Circle the right answer
1.       The effect of smoking has / have been proven to be dangerous
2.       Mrs.fatimah, together with her husband lives / live in Kaliabang
3.       The use of credit cards has / have increased rapidly
4.       Everybody who has / have a ticket feels / feel  happy
5.       Our school has a lot of classrooms, and each of them / they is equipped with a tv
6.        My sister’s hobbies are reading and swims / swim in the swimming pool
7.       Neither Alghi or / nor Ayunk went to the movie last night
8.       I see a lot of mouse /mice
9.       There are many deer / deers in Bogor
10.   My family consist  / consists of five people
11.   There is a tree in front of my house. It / its leaves are green
12.   Mathematics is / are not easy for my students
13.   There was / is an accident last night
14.   He was walking / walked along the river when he met his sister
15.   Karin has lived / lived in Bekasi for 2 years
16.   Twice a week, my son studies / study English at CLC
17.   My servant always mop / mops the floor every morning
18.   The English score of the students needs  to be announced / to announce tomorrow
19.   Adi : Jimi’s mother passed away yesterday
20.   Sireen : I am sorry to hear that
The underlined word show sympaty /pleasure
       21. A. You have a lot of work to do .May I give you a hand ?
             B. Of course
             The underlined words show asking for help / offering help 

Write about yourself
Hello, my name’s……  


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